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Liam Waters

As a member of the Chemical & Pharmaceutical Recruitment Division, Liam’s primary responsibility is to identify and engage new business opportunities and clients across the chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and engineering sectors. Leveraging his market knowledge and expertise, he strategically expands the team’s reach and delivers exceptional recruitment solutions. Liam possesses a deep understanding of the requirements and dynamics of these industries, enabling him to effectively match top-tier candidates with relevant roles.

Known for his ability to build enduring relationships, Liam prioritises reliability, understanding, and emotional intelligence. By establishing rapport and trust, he ensures long-lasting connections with both clients and candidates. Liam believes in comprehending the unique needs and aspirations of individuals to facilitate mutually beneficial placements, contributing to his success as a recruiter.

In his role, Liam employs a comprehensive process to identify and evaluate potential candidates, considering factors such as experience, qualifications, location, and personal goals. By taking a holistic approach, he ensures that candidates not only possess the necessary skills but also align with company culture and growth objectives. Liam’s meticulous evaluation process maximises successful placements by presenting the most suitable candidates to clients.

Liam demonstrates exceptional professionalism when faced with challenging situations in recruitment. Whether handling candidates who are not an ideal fit or managing conflicts between clients and candidates, he prioritises maintaining positive relationships. By understanding all parties’ perspectives and finding mutually beneficial resolutions, he preserves trust and achieves desired outcomes.

Liam gauges his success primarily through successful placements, ensuring client satisfaction and candidate fulfilment.

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