Megan Saunders | Recruitment Consultant

Megan Saunders

Megan Saunders joins the Chemical & Pharmaceutical division, helping with the growth and development of the team. She regularly assists the division in building new partnerships and expanding its service offerings.

As a Recruitment Consultant in E3R’s Chemical & Pharmaceutical division, Megan brings her expertise to the table in supporting top-tier multinational chemical and pharmaceutical clients. With a background in scientific recruitment, Megan has a deep understanding of both her clients and candidates and can offer tailored advice and support throughout the recruitment process.

Having partnered with the Chemical Industries Association, the foremost trade association representing chemical and pharmaceutical businesses across the UK. Our shared mission centers on establishing the UK as the preferred destination for the growth of chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises.

Megan is passionate about providing the best possible experience for her candidates and clients. She leverages her knowledge of her sector to match candidates with roles aligned with their skills and goals.

Megan Saunders plays a key role in the growth and development of E3R’s Chemical & Pharmaceutical division in London, working to establish new partnerships and expand the division’s service offerings. With her dedication and commitment, she is a valuable asset to the team and its clients.

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