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Tracie Norton

Tracie, an experienced Director and Business Partner at E3 Recruitment and HSQ Recruitment brings over 27 years of expertise in engineering and technical recruitment to the table. Her unwavering commitment to her clients and candidates, coupled with her passion for the industry, has earned her a well-deserved reputation as a trusted advisor. Companies and candidates in the Food & Drink and FMCG sectors have greatly benefited from her extensive experience.

As leaders of the Food & FMCG Recruitment division, Tracie and her team are well-prepared for one of the UK’s largest industries. Their deep understanding of sector challenges ensures tailored recruitment solutions, consistently. Their ability to deliver high-quality recruitment services caters to businesses of all sizes, from family-run SMEs to sprawling multinational corporations. Tracie’s team has established a compelling track record of success.

Moreover, Tracie actively upholds the highest standards of quality and compliance at E3 Recruitment. Furthermore, due to her meticulous attention to detail and strategic approach, she ensures a seamless and efficient recruitment process. This spans from the initial stages of candidate sourcing and assessment, all the way to providing continuous support and advice.

With her unwavering passion, dedication, and drive, Tracie emerges as an invaluable asset to E3R. Her profound influence serves as a driving force behind our sustained success.

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