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Shabbir Ahmad

Shabbir’s extensive knowledge and experience in the engineering, manufacturing, and technical recruitment industry have earned him a reputation as a trusted and reliable partner to his clients. He is committed to providing a high-quality recruitment service that exceeds the expectations of his clients, and his ability to understand the unique needs and challenges of each organisation has resulted in a successful track record of filling even the most challenging roles.

In addition to his passion for developing strong relationships, Shabbir is also known for his excellent communication skills, which he uses to ensure that his clients and candidates are always kept informed and up-to-date throughout the recruitment process. He takes pride in his ability to maintain a positive and productive dialogue with everyone involved, and his optimistic attitude has earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues and clients alike.

As a leader in his field, Shabbir is also dedicated to promoting the importance of engineering and manufacturing to the next generation. He is actively involved in initiatives that encourage young people to pursue careers in these industries and works closely with his clients to help them identify and attract top talent to their organisations.

As a Regional Manager at E3 Recruitment, Shabbir is committed to providing the best possible recruitment service to his clients and helping to shape the future of the engineering, manufacturing, and technical industries.

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