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The Opportunity

This is a fantastic opportunity to join a business that:

  • Has experienced consistent record growth with continued record growth plans for the next five years
  • Provides opportunities for talented professionals to drive and share our success
  • Boasts a low staff turnover of 6% compared to 43% industry standard
  • Has strong long-term relationships with leading blue-chip organisations
  • Partners with leading industry bodies which provide opportunities to get face-to-face with key industry players
  • Is passionate about developing our people and passionate about our people sharing in our success
  • Offers excellent basic salaries with clear competitive bonus structure
  • Provides a great package which includes 32 days holiday increasing with service, discounted gym membership, private healthcare
  • Is proud of a strong team ethos, with opportunities to socialise outside of work
Has two great offices located in Huddersfield and Rotherham with free parking and excellent motorway links

Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark

“The culture is brilliant, I love it here. We all get on, the bosses are flexible and understanding. It’s a case of if you are doing what you should be doing then you have autonomy. Everybody here is really supportive. People who come to work here are really lucky; you can almost get a desk given to you because of the leads you get when you first start.”

Riz Haider, Senior Recruitment Consultant

Christmas at E3R

E3R at Total Warrior

Learning and Development

It is of paramount importance that people at E3R have a desire to continually develop and to support each other. Even if somebody doesn’t want to progress right up to Head of Division, we support them to specialise further in their role. Every single person at E3R excels at something and we turn that into mentor support, to allow everybody to be a mentor. This means that your carefully planned induction will be spent with multiple people across the business. Learn and meet loads of people at the same time! We will work with you to uncover your skills so that we can also develop you as a mentor.

Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark

“I like the culture here. I could tell when I first started that I was going to like it. Everybody was really friendly so it was easy to settle in. I like to get my head down and crack on with the job. I like to have a bit of a chat as well but there is plenty to keep me busy and it’s great. I love sitting where I am so I can dip in and out of conversations and I consistently achieve and exceed my targets.”

Javed Khaliq, Senior Account Manager

Rewards and Benefits

We pay higher base salaries than you’ll find in agency recruitment and with a clear competitive bonus structure which includes quarterly overrides. We offer 32 days holiday and length of service is recognised with service awards and holiday increasing to 33 days after one years service and 35 days after five years service. BUPA healthcare is available for all staff after one years service.

Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark

“In previous companies where I worked, we used to get training days but it was going over all the same stuff. Here it’s different. There is fresh structure. I wouldn’t have thought of coming to work here and it was a massive step for me but everybody is so friendly. We are all really focused – we have a mad moment and then get back on it. People are really approachable to ask a question to help. You are recognised – you are doing your job and getting to your bonus. I can see me being here for a very long time. I like that the Directors still have their hand in; not like some managers in previous companies where they have just managed and not practised. People walk the walk here – not just talk the talk.”

Alison Bell, Recruitment Consultant

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E3R Values

All E3R employees have the same guiding values that are at the forefront of what we do, both internally working with one another and externally with clients and candidates alike, these include; Partnership; to work and collaborate between ourselves, our candidates, our clients and our business partners. Openness; to be open and honest, working to a high moral and ethical code, which builds a level of trust with all our partners. And Empowerment; building on strengths and never stop learning, empowering our employees and continuously improving our offering as an agency.

Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark

“If I have a bad day I am not pestered by my manager, because I have far more good days. In my previous role, I felt that I had done something wrong if I hadn’t got a CV through. E3R is laid back but in all the right ways. My boss is really kind and nice and generous – but at the same time, I wouldn’t want to mess with her. Perfect combination of a boss. Balanced.”

Stevie Dawson, Resourcer


Here at E3R we like working with each other and enjoy spending time with one another outside of work – which is why we have quarterly team nights out. These may include a group activity, food, dressing up and even a night away. One thing’s for sure, everyone is guaranteed to have a good time.

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