Joe Brownbill | Head of Legal and Compliance at E3 Recruitment

Joe Brownbill

As the Head of Legal & Compliance at E3R, Joe assumes an integral role in overseeing the company’s adherence to legal requirements and industry regulations. His responsibilities encompass the implementation of novel programs and processes aimed at ensuring compliance for both candidates and clients alike.

Joe works closely in collaboration with various teams within E3R, providing indispensable guidance and support to enhance their understanding of compliance and its impact on daily operations. His unwavering dedication to his profession propels him to continually seek opportunities for refining the compliance process, striving for increased efficiency and efficacy that benefits all stakeholders involved.

In addition to his primary position as Head of Legal & Compliance, Joe also assumes a pivotal role in the onboarding process for temporary candidates. His instrumental contribution was showcased during the successful launch of UComply, a streamlined system designed to expedite the onboarding process while ensuring full compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The implementation of UComply has not only revolutionized the company’s operations but has also yielded considerable time savings and mitigated the risks associated with non-compliance.

Joes educational background includes a first class honours degree in Law and a Masters in Legal Practice, endowing him with a wealth of expertise that he consistently brings to the Legal & Compliance team at E3R. His comprehensive understanding of legal principles and regulations relating to compliance serves to elevate the company’s legal stature, guaranteeing that all personnel within E3R possess a profound awareness of the rules and regulations they are obligated to adhere to.

In light of Joe’s pivotal role, the success of E3R heavily relies on his contributions. His unwavering commitment and unwavering dedication to ensuring compliance exemplify his resolute sense of purpose and unwavering belief in the importance of conducting business ethically and responsibly. Joe’s invaluable presence within the team renders him a highly esteemed member and a true asset to the company as a whole.

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