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Andrew Pilling

Andrew Pilling is an innovative Director and Business Partner at E3 Recruitment and HSQ Recruitment, a leading provider of engineering, manufacturing, and technical recruitment services. With over 18 years of experience in these industries, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. He dedicates himself to delivering exceptional outcomes, constantly enhancing the E3R experience for clients and candidates.

Andrew’s background in key industries, including Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Process Industries, Petrochem, Renewables, Automotive, and Aerospace, has made him a valuable resource at E3 Recruitment and HSQ Recruitment. He consistently examines industry trends and data, spotting growth prospects, and shares insights to propel the team forward.

Andrew defines his leadership style through his innovative approach to talent management and his commitment to investing in cutting-edge technology. In addition to his technical knowledge, Andrew also stands out for his exceptional leadership skills and his talent for inspiring and motivating his team. Moreover, he actively defines his leadership style through innovation and a strong commitment to excellence. He constantly looks for innovative talent solutions and invests in cutting-edge technology to keep E3R at the recruitment industry’s forefront.

Andrew’s resolve is to ensure every E3R interaction is positive. This is achieved through efficient processes, high-quality services, and cutting-edge technologies. Furthermore, his outstanding leadership and expertise in engineering, manufacturing, and technical recruitment drive E3R and its clients’ success.

Andrew tirelessly strives for a brighter future for E3 Recruitment, clients, and candidates. He does so by utilising innovation, providing top-tier services, and embracing technology.

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