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Charlotte Norton

As an invaluable member of our Food & FMCG recruitment division of E3R, Charlotte Norton has taken her journey from Apprentice to Senior Recruitment Consultant in just a few short years. With a keen focus on understanding her clients, Charlotte works tirelessly to provide personalised solutions for even the hardest-to-fill roles and large-scale projects.

Charlotte is known for her creative approach to candidate attraction and actively partners with the marketing department to develop innovative strategies for attracting top talent. She also places a strong emphasis on nurturing the relationships she has built with her clients, ensuring that their needs are always met and that they receive the highest level of service possible.

In addition to her client-focused approach, Charlotte Norton is a dedicated member of the E3R team and takes pride in supporting her colleagues, especially the new starters. Drawing on her own experience as an Apprentice, she is a knowledgeable and compassionate mentor who goes the extra mile to help her team succeed and grow.

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