E3 Recruitment’s Leeds 10K Challenge Raises £1,270 for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund

E3 Recruitment’s Leeds 10K Challenge Raises £1,270 for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund

On Sunday, July 10th, E3 Recruitment participated in the Leeds 10K Corporate Challenge to support the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund. This fund is dedicated to assisting the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit at the Leeds General Infirmary. With a team of nine members, E3 Recruitment successfully completed the race and has already raised £1,270 for the charity.

The significance of this cause hits close to home for E3 Recruitment as two of their team members have children who were born with heart conditions. Thanks to the exceptional care and support provided by the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit, these children now lead normal lives. Thus, E3 Recruitment holds the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund in high regard.

Over the years, the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund has made a remarkable impact on the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit. Through their funding, the charity has contributed millions of pounds to the unit, enabling the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment, improved ward facilities, additional staff positions and training, family accommodation and support, as well as research opportunities. This financial support has been crucial in ensuring the unit remains operational, especially in the face of previous reviews that aimed to reduce the number of hospitals conducting children’s heart surgery due to funding constraints. Without the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit, families in the region would have to travel to Bristol or Newcastle for medical appointments.

Presently, the charity is actively raising funds for a revolutionary children’s heart theatre, which will be based at the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit. This facility aims to reduce surgery wait times and provide advanced equipment for complex operations, ultimately enhancing patient care.

Andrew Joseph, Owner and Business Partner at E3 Recruitment served as the run organiser for E3R. He stated, “Our objective was to raise awareness and funds for the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, a charity that holds great significance for E3R as two of our Consultants are involved and have personally experienced its positive impact. Despite the challenging conditions, including warm weather and an ankle injury suffered by one of our team members at the 1k mark, the entire E3 team successfully completed the 10k race, including the injured member who walked the distance.”

12th July 2016

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