The Future of UK Manufacturing: Survey Reveals Critical Insights to Ensure Sustainable Growth and Success

The Future of UK Manufacturing: Survey Reveals Critical Insights to Ensure Sustainable Growth and Success

In the past five years, the manufacturing industry has experienced a wild ride, marked by ups and downs that have left the sector in a vastly different position than it was during the coalition’s time in office. Among the many traditional industrial powerhouses, including the automotive and aerospace industries, there was significant hardship. Some leading manufacturers, such as Jaguar Land Rover, even had to turn to the government for support to stay afloat.

However, things have changed dramatically in recent times, and many industries across the manufacturing spectrum have emerged from the recession and are now thriving thanks to the increased global demand for their products. As a result, there is a sense that the UK is on the verge of a manufacturing renaissance.

Nonetheless, the next government has an important task ahead of it. In the early days of its tenure, it must ensure that the growth in the manufacturing industry is sustainable. To achieve this, and international law firm Squire Patton Boggs are conducting a survey to assess the confidence levels of manufacturing businesses and determine their needs over the next twelve months.

The survey will cover key topics such as skills shortages, supply chain issues, education, EU membership, access to finance, energy, and re-shoring. The survey will run across all three regions and collect data to organize a series of round table discussions in May and June, including sector experts and manufacturing business leaders. will publish the results of these discussions in the summer.

Simon Garbett, a partner at Squire Patton Boggs in Birmingham, emphasized that the survey will provide a valuable insight into the business support that manufacturers require from the next government to remain competitive in today’s markets. Tax, immigration, infrastructure policies, and EU membership are among the critical issues that will impact the cost of doing business and manufacturers’ ability to access skills and finance.

In short, it is essential that the next government has a clear understanding of the needs and expectations of the manufacturing sector, so that it can provide the necessary support to ensure its growth and success. The results of this survey will be a crucial tool in guiding the government’s policy decisions and helping the manufacturing industry to continue its resurgence.

21st May 2015

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