Men’s Mental Health Charity Andy’s Man Club to be E3R’s new Charity Partner

Men’s Mental Health Charity Andy’s Man Club to be E3R’s new Charity Partner

Across many industries within the UK, there has been a huge push to prioritise mental health in the workplace, accelerated by the impact the Covid pandemic placed on countless individuals and organisations up and down the country.


Within the manufacturing and engineering industries, we have seen multiple organisations taking the opportunity to re-evaluate how they can better support their employees by introducing mental health assistance lines, offering financial support for counselling, introducing mental health workshops, and starting conversations around mental health. These efforts are now making it easier for employees to come forward when suffering from poor mental health or just generally needing support in their day to day lives.


Over the last year, we’ve been focused on building on our strengths, empowering our employees, and continuously improving how we can support our clients and candidates. For our employees, we’ve created different working environments within our head office and promote a ‘Team-first’ culture, to make it easier for our employees to communicate when they need support whether work-related or not. Part of this is effort and knowing the impact mental health has on both employees, candidates, and organisations, we have chosen Andy’s Man Club, a men’s mental health charity, as our charity partner.


Founded in 2016, after the tragic loss of Andy Roberts, by Andy’s family, Luke Ambler (Brother-in-law) and Elaine Roberts (Andy’s Mother) to prevent other families from the suffering they had been through. As a Men’s Mental Health Charity, the goal of the organisation was to provide free-to-attend talking groups for men, destigmatise Male Mental health, provide men with a safe space to talk, address their feelings and support other men struggling with mental health issues.


Lucas Whitehead from Andy’s Man Club says: “We are a donation lead charity, so we are delighted that E3 Recruitment has selected Andy’s Man Club as a charity partner. These last 12 months have seen us opening over 50 new clubs to support more men across the UK in England, Scotland, and Wales. This brings us now up to 97 clubs with an extra three opening in May taking us to 100 clubs nationwide.


“Through kind donations, we can provide training for our 500 volunteers, facilitator kits, refreshments, rent, and raise awareness of the groups through campaigns and merchandise. We have set up online clubs to support men in places where we don’t have venues or men can’t attend for mobility or illness reasons. Our slogan is #ItsOkayToTalk, and donations make this happen so we can run our clubs, helping hundreds of men through difficult times in their lives and coming out stronger.”


Andy’s Man Club has already saved over 800 men throughout the UK and to further support Andy’s Man Club, we’ll be bringing together some of the regions manufacturing leaders to take part in a 24-Hour Bike Ride and treadmill fundraiser.  Our teams and partners will also be involved in keeping the pedals and treadmill going in our onsite gym on the 13th of May starting at 7 am.


The 24-hour bike and treadmill fundraiser will be the first in a series of fundraising events for the charity, with the E3R Warriors competing in the Bradford Dragon Boat Festival Multi Charity Championship on Sunday 3rd July, racing against 45 teams at Roberts Park, Saltaire with a sponsorship target of £2,000 for both events.


We would like to support Andy’s Man Club as much as possible and any donations are truly appreciated. To sponsor the E3R Big 24-Hour Bike and Treadmill Fundraiser click here!

25th April 2022

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