Over £3,300 raised and 500 miles completed by E3R and Yorkshires Manufacturing leaders for Men’s Mental Health

Over £3,300 raised and 500 miles completed by E3R and Yorkshires Manufacturing leaders for Men’s Mental Health

CSRLast week we brought Yorkshire’s Manufacturers together with one goal in mind… to work together to make a difference for Men’s Mental Health. By working together, we were able to raise over £3,300 for Andy’s Man Club through our BIG 24-Hour Ride & Run Charity Fundraiser!

Starting at 7 am on the 13th of May during Mental Health Awareness Week, we kept our Bike and Treadmill running in tandem for a full 24-hours. We had the brilliant support of regional manufacturers BorgWarner, Thurston Group, Sulzer, Nufarm, MPM Bradford, Leeds Welding Company, Austar, Sewtec, NPS Group, Allsops, Hystat, Aflexhose, Austar, Reliance and Radicon throughout the day until 7 pm to raise awareness and funds for Men’s Mental Health.

From 7 pm we had our full team taking part and completing 30-minute sessions from 7 pm Friday until 7 am Saturday, with our Director Tracie Norton and Recruitment Consultant Charlotte Norton taking us to the finish line, much to the delight of our marketing team.

Now, what’s a sports event without a bit of competition… Leeds Welding Companies Richard Eaglen and MPM Bradford’s Ben Wilson decided to start a bit of a competition, which was only confirmed to be happening once our client Allsops donated two leaderboards… which may have been arranged by one of our Directors, Andy Joseph.

So, we’re pleased to announce the final standings of our non-competitive charity fundraiser which was most definitely not a competition…

Top 10 places for the Bike

  1. Chris Taylor – E3R (51 laps)
  2. Richard Eaglen – Leeds Welding Company (49 laps)
  3. (47 laps) Conor Wood – E3R, Brad Bedford – Brad Bedford Training, & Ben Wilson – MPM (47 laps)
  4. Andy Thomas – Sulzer, Ian Johnson – Allsops, Chris Morton – Sewtec, & James Lees – Hystat (42 laps)
  5. Matt Goff – Thurston Group & Joe Muxworthy – E3R (40 laps)
  6. Theo Joseph – E3R (39 laps but also 14 years old!)
  7. Andrew Smith – NPS & Rodney Thomas – Reliance (38 laps)
  8. Paul Williams – MPM (our oldest participant!), Laura Rogers & Dan Edley – E3R (37 laps)
  9. Brian Tilson – Nufarm, James Woffendin – BorgWarner & Richard Steadman – E3R (36 laps)
  10. Neil Regan – Radicon & Paul Hudson – Austar (35 laps)

Top 10 places for the Treadmill

  1. Pete Konieczko-Hansom – Blacks Solicitors, Rob Donaldson & Austen Hudson – E3R (17 laps)
  2. Joe Brownbill – E3R, Paul Hudson – Austar,  Ian Verity – Leeds Welding Company & Joe Muxworthy – E3R (16 laps)
  3. Andrew Joseph, Matt Booth, James Travis, Rodger Morley – E3R & Liams Wells – BorgWarner (15 laps)
  4. Lee Brotherton & Charles Boswell – Sewtec, Elliot Barwick – HSQ Recruitment & Kingsley Walker – E3R (13 laps)
  5. Joe Lawson – 75 Media & Mark Atkins – Sewtec,  James Soden & Andrew Pilling – E3R (12 laps)
  6. Riz Haider (11 laps)
  7. David Griffiths – Nufarm & Andrew Smith – NPS (10 laps)
  8. John Powney – Aflex Hose, Nerys Finch – Nufarn, Alison Bell & Rosie Goodwin – E3R (9 laps)
  9. Charlotte Smith & Matt Agus – E3R (8 laps)
  10. Gary Ware – Thurston (6 laps)

We had several participants who went the extra mile and completed 3-4 sessions throughout the day and night, Sulzer’s Andy Thomas and E3R’s Andrew Pilling who both completed 3 sessions (1 Hour 30 Minutes) on the bike. Dom Trowman from E3R’s Construction Materials & Modular, Conor Wood from our General Manufacturing team, both completed 2 hours across both the bike and treadmill and Ross Elsdon who stepped up to cover a couple of AM sessions from 1 am to 3 am Saturday!

In total, we had an amazing 96 participants from 20 companies and completed 433 miles on the bike and 119 miles on the treadmill!

E3R Director Andrew Joseph commented: “We know the impact mental health has on everyone at some stage in their lives and ensuring we are fully supportive, of our employees, candidates and clients is of huge importance to our core values and looking after the whole person regardless of the responsibility we have for them is and will always be at the forefront of what we do.

To support Andy’s Man Club and the brilliant work they do for Men’s Mental Health, we decided to run the BIG Ride & Run fundraiser during Mental Health Awareness Week to raise as much awareness as possible for the charity and bring our clients, suppliers, and teams together to show how by working together, we can make a difference.

“The BIG Ride & Run was a truly gruelling challenge with 24 hours of non-stop activity. I’d like to say thank you to everyone that got involved for their amazing efforts; our employees, clients and suppliers who participated, and everyone that kindly donated. It was a great fundraising event and I feel proud of what we have all achieved raising over £3,300 for Andy’s Man Club – together we made a difference and will continue making a difference.”

This event couldn’t have been possible without the dedication of our marketing and fundraising teams alongside sponsorships from clients and donations from 75 Media, James Taylor Signs, Trent Casuals, Sewtec Automation and Simply Yours and the participation of all our clients and teams! A huge thank you to everyone who got involved… together we made a difference.

We’re still actively raising funds for Andy’s Man Club for 2022 and any donation is greatly appreciated. To donate please follow this link:https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/e3r-www-e3recruitment-comamc

23rd May 2022

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