Five benefits of using temporary staff for commercial roles

Five benefits of using temporary staff for commercial roles

E3R’s Commercial Team would like to highlight the benefits of using temporary staff for commercial roles. You may have an influx of orders or a staff member has a doctor’s note – whatever the interim issue, a temporary placement could be beneficial:

1. Quick Placements – temporary staffing has a much quicker turn around than recruiting for a permanent member of staff where one, perhaps two interviews are required and notice periods have to be met.

2. Flexibility – temporary staff can offer you the flexibility to bring staff in at any time of the year for as long as you may need them.

3. Cost Effective – recruiting a new permanent member of staff can be expensive. The average salary in the UK is £27,600 and add to that associated costs including NI, pension, training, holiday and sick pay and bonus etc, you will spend over £50,000.

4. Trial – so before committing to spending this amount of money on one hire, perhaps you want to try them out on a temporary basis before committing to this cost?

5. Staff Morale – The benefits to your team of bringing a person in quickly to support them are priceless – your team will feel valued, understood and listened to.

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18th February 2019

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