E3R launches HR Best Practice Group

E3R launches HR Best Practice Group

In response to client demand, E3R is launching a HR Group to discuss best practice covering a number of areas from employee relations through to resource and talent planning.

The first session will be on Thursday 28th February and will be over a two hour period at E3R’s Head Office in Huddersfield. HR professionals and manufacturing business owners can attend and there are 12 places available.

The session will be headed up by Chrissie Gale, E3R’s Head of People and Organisation Development and will cover the following subjects, as well as any suggestions from attendees:

– Organisational Development
– Employee Relations
– Employee Engagement
– Performance and Reward
– Learning and Development
– Resourcing and Talent Planning
– Organisation Design
– Service Delivery and Information
– Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

The discussions in this group are of a sensitive nature so Chatham House Rules will apply.

Chrissie Gale commented: “The HR role has shifted massively from the original personnel department. New trends, technology and policy continue to transform this role which has become an integral part of organisational development and strategy. This group will tackle challenges head-on through the use of appreciative inquiry; drawing on experience and best practice. The attendees will shape the group as it progresses and collectively benefit from developing strategic solutions to an ever-changing environment.”

If you are interested in attending please contact HR@e3recruitment.com

11th February 2019

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