Blog: COVID-19

Blog: COVID-19

By James Soden, E3R Director

The last week has seen some major shifts in the way we all interact, the way we work and the global economy. As communities around the world are struggling with coronavirus (COVID-19), I wanted to reach out and address concerns about coronavirus and the steps we are taking across our business to continue our focus on keeping people safe and healthy, whilst supporting the industries in which we serve.

We are closely following the advice of Public Health England and the World Health Organisation and introducing a wide variety of measures to minimise the impact to public health. This began last week with the issuing of risk assessment forms to all internal E3R staff, plus E3R temporary and contract workers and any workers attending interviews on behalf of E3R at our client’s premises. This has been put in place to track and qualify any potential risks of infectious workers returning to work from international travel over the past two weeks, with us updating clients along the way to allow for informed decisions to be made.

We have also increased our provision and the utilisation of remote working technology and video interviewing software, which we can make available to you, as we potentially move towards a remote working and home set-up in some businesses. For further information regarding this, please email the office; or call our office on 0808 1782523.

In addition to the above, we have communicated to all of our temporary and contract workers, the measures that we have taken and our policies. If any E3R workers that may be engaged at your place of work have any concerns, please do encourage them to make contact with us.

I think at this time it is important to note, that the country is well prepared. The largest loo paper manufacturer in the UK has said that there are no worries about running out of supplies. We are also at the cutting edge of high-tech manufacturing and a world leader in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors. Remember that we are lucky to live in the fifth largest economy in the world which is resilient and robust. In these difficult times we understand the importance of providing flexible staffing solutions, that are supported by robust systems and processes. It is still very much business as usual at E3R with many clients still seeking to engage workers upon a permanent, contract, and/or temporary basis to keep the wheels of industry turning.

Yesterday the Government put out an announcement calling for help from the manufacturing community to manufacture ventilators to help fight coronavirus effects. If you can produce ventilators please call the BEIS Business Support helpline on 0300 456 3565. I would like to ask us all to join forces and look at what other manufacturing opportunities there may be in these agile times.

While we might not be able to shake hands, or hug, take care of yourself and others. These times can feel stressful and difficult – often that’s because we feel things are getting out of control. If you, or your organisation do require any support, please do not hesitate to make contact.

17th March 2020

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