E3R partners British Precast and Mineral Products Association team-up to accelerate drive to net zero

E3R partners British Precast and Mineral Products Association team-up to accelerate drive to net zero

E3R partners British Precast and Mineral Products Association (MPA) have joined forces in one association to represent Britain’s concrete producers and accelerate its journey to beyond net-zero carbon emissions.


British Precast, whose members include manufacturers of concrete masonry, paving slabs, structural sections, and drainage systems, has merged with the Mineral Products Association (MPA), which represents all the UK’s cement makers, over 90% of aggregates producers, and more than 70% of ready-mixed concrete suppliers.


E3R’s Construction Materials & Modular Team is a specialist provider with a dedicated focus on the supply of materials to manufacture end products, which is why they have been an Associate Member of British Precast for the last four years. In this time E3R have attended industry events including exhibitions and conferences, seminars, dinners and awards, where they build relationships with fellow members and help them with their talent management solutions and recruitment requirements for permanent, temporary and contract roles.


The merger gives the British concrete industry a single voice, with the sector’s advocacy vehicle – UK Concrete – driving forward a common agenda to set the record straight about concrete’s role in sustainable construction and address the challenges of climate change.


The UK concrete and cement industry has already reduced absolute carbon emissions by 53% since 1990 – faster than any other sector of the economy – and the merger will unite the sector behind its ambitious ‘Roadmap to Beyond Net Zero’ by 2050.


Concrete is the only structural material whose raw ingredients are sourced from within the UK, and, over the whole life of a building, concrete outperforms the alternatives economically and environmentally.


E3R Director James Soden commented: “Having worked closely with British Precast and MPA for the last four years we know how much value these two associations bring to the industry we serve. It makes perfect strategic sense that the two should join forces to become a powerhouse the industry lead the way in driving the industry towards its net-zero goal.”


Nigel Jackson, chief executive officer of the MPA, said: “This is a landmark moment in the evolution of the UK concrete industry which is already a global leader in terms of decarbonization, recycling, and biodiversity enhancement. Now, more than ever, the concrete industry must work hand in glove to promote the essential role this amazing and under-appreciated material plays in our economy and our quality of life.


“Mitigating the industry’s environmental impacts whilst delivering solutions that help people to adapt to climate change is an important balance to be struck. With the entire sector united and pulling in the same direction, we are better able to achieve our shared goals.”


Alan Smith, who retires as President of British Precast, said: “British Precast has been affiliated with the Mineral Products Association for the past decade and the successful relationship we have built has given our members the confidence to fully support this merger. Coming together enables the industry to operate more strategically, rejuvenating our determination to rise to the challenges of climate change and emphasize the importance of our industry in climate adaptation.”


Two new MPA product groups have been formed as a result of the merger – MPA Precast and MPA Masonry. Along with existing MPA product groups, especially The Concrete Centre and British Ready-Mixed Concrete Association (BRMCA), the combined trade association has unparalleled breadth and wealth of concrete expertise.


If you are interested in finding out how E3R’s Construction Materials & Modular Team can assist you with their range of talent management solutions or can help you find your next role please call on 01484 645 269 or email info@e3recruitment.com.

14th January 2022

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