Five benefits of hiring a permanent member of staff

Five benefits of hiring a permanent member of staff

This week E3R’s Commercial Team would like to highlight the benefits of hiring a permanent member of staff for a commercial role:

1. Loyalty – by offering an employee a permanent contract and appreciating the work they do, in return you will receive loyalty and flexibility, as an employee who feels valued will put additional time in when required.

2. Focus – they are dedicated to the company, its values and goals, and can see how their work contributes to the company’s success. They are committed, so have a desire to do well and progress long term.

3. Security – permanent employees are less likely to leave a role as they have their security to consider, offering security as well to your workforce. This provides stability for you to plan workloads and budget more effectively.

4. Competition – if a similar company is offering a similar package but on a temporary basis, a candidate is usually more inclined to opt for the role which offers security and stability.

5. Investment – hiring someone on a permanent basis offers investment in the individual through training, development and further career progression – ultimately benefiting your team and your company.

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11th March 2019

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