E3Round UP – Day in the Life of a Compliance Manager at E3R

E3Round UP – Day in the Life of a Compliance Manager at E3R

Find out what E3R’s Compliance Manager Breanne Rodgers does on a daily basis and the challenges and benefits of the role.

Describe your career to date:
I have been working for E3R since the company began trading in June 2013 and have progressed from Office Manager to Operations and Compliance Manager. Seeing the company grow and expand into bigger premises and open our South Yorkshire division has been a big highlight for me.

What do you do on a normal day?
My days vary from week to week and no two days are the same. That’s what I like about my job, it varies so much. A typical day for me would be ensuring that all new starters have been vetted properly and have all the relevant documents completed. I’ll then update the team if there are changes that they need to know about. I oversee payroll to ensure all relevant information has been inputted into the system to ensure our workers are paid correctly. My main job is to assist the Directors and the team as best as possible to ensure they can concentrate on generating new business and placing candidates.

What challenges do you face on a daily basis?
One of the biggest challenges for me is Legislation as it can change from one day to the next. As a proactive business, we like to keep ahead of the game and know what changes might be in the pipeline to ensure we are up to date. The recent introduction of the Gangmaster License for the food industry is to prevent the exploitation of workers. To be able to recruit in this industry we were required to undergo a full business audit, putting procedures and processes in place to meet the criteria before being granted the licence.

What would you consider to be a good day in your role?
I don’t think there are any bad days. If problems arise then we deal with them as effectively as we can. A good day would be when everything runs compliantly; That could be anything from on-boarding a candidate, no major updates or changes to legislation and the systems all working properly. It’s always nice when you can write yourself a list of tasks and tick each one off quickly and complete them all within the day.

What do you enjoy most about working at E3 Recruitment?
I enjoy the buzz, both offices are very lively with lots going on and everyone is always so upbeat and ready for the day, it puts you in a great mood! We have a great team and everyone supports each other when needed. I like to think that we are different to other agencies, we pride ourselves on the service we offer both candidates and clients. We also firmly believe in going above and beyond. We work very closely within the community and have been involved in a number of local projects and are always looking at other opportunities. This is something I enjoy as it allows me to step away from my day to day duties.

What do you think are the most important skills needed to do your job?
Organisation and time management are key. The environment we work in means my job is always changing and, like I’ve said before, no two days are the same, so you have to be able to adapt quickly where needed, whilst also ensuring the day to day tasks are being completed.

What is an interesting story about a client/candidate interaction you had?
I visit clients’ premises to undertake Health and Safety Audits to ensure they are compliant, as the H&S of our workers is paramount to us. In doing this I get to see the business up close and understand more about what they do. Some sites are extremely interesting, especially food manufacturing facilities as you get to see the full production cycle from start to finish.

This article has been taken from E3Round UP Autumn Edition – to view the full magazine please click here.

9th November 2017

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