Lewis Lynch - Manufacturing Recruitment Consultant

Lewis Lynch

As a Recruitment Consultant specialising in Manufacturing Recruitment at E3R, Lewis Lynch brings not only a wealth of expertise but also a genuine passion for connecting people with the perfect roles. Before Lewis ventured into the world of recruitment, he was a standout in sales, known for his ability to build lasting relationships with customers. This knack seamlessly transitioned into the realm of Manufacturing Recruitment. While he began his journey in internal recruitment, it was at E3R, specifically focusing on Manufacturing, where he found his true calling, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Lewis knows that in Manufacturing Recruitment, it’s not just about matching skills to a job; it’s about understanding the hopes and aspirations of individuals. He places immense value on open, heartfelt communication, empathy, adaptability, and the knack for making connections within the Manufacturing sector.

What truly sets Lewis apart is his genuine care for building lasting relationships, both with clients and candidates in the Manufacturing industry. He achieves this through active listening, a deep understanding of their needs, and a consistent delivery of genuine value, all tailored to the specific demands of Manufacturing Recruitment.

Lewis’s meticulous approach starts with getting to the heart of the job role and understanding the unique culture of each company, ensuring candidates not only fit the bill but also feel right at home. Candidates go through a thorough screening process, which includes detailed CV reviews, insightful phone interviews, and relevant skill assessments, all aligned with the specialised requirements of Manufacturers. His evaluation criteria encompass technical proficiency, cultural alignment, skills, experience, attitude, and adherence to company values, all tailored for E3R’s Manufacturing clients.

Staying on top of evolving market trends and industry shifts is a huge part of Lewis’ role. Engaging in meaningful conversations with colleagues and actively participating in networking events within the Manufacturing sector provide him with a well-rounded understanding of his market landscape, especially within E3R’s domain of Manufacturing Recruitment.

Lewis is acutely aware of the delicate balance between efficiency and precision in Manufacturing Recruitment. He relies on genuine conversations and keeps meticulous notes to refer back to previous discussions when new roles arise. This approach streamlines the process of filling positions while upholding the quest for the perfect Manufacturing candidate, aligning seamlessly with E3R’s specialised focus.

Lewis doesn’t just rely on numbers and data; he believes in the power of genuine feedback and human connection. Within E3R’s Manufacturing Recruitment, he uses a thoughtful blend of metrics and personal insights to gauge his success. Key performance indicators such as time-to-fill and back-out statistics are important, but so is the heartfelt satisfaction of knowing he’s made a real difference in someone’s career journey, a sentiment that truly drives Lewis to excel in serving the Manufacturing Recruitment needs of E3R’s esteemed clientele.

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