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Dominic Trowman

Having come from a sales and marketing background, a more specific recruitment/sales role was always on my agenda to pursue. I feel in work and everyday life I enjoy communicating with new people and find building relationships a key skill of mine.
In previous roles I have specialised in building partner relationships with some of the biggest IT solution companies in the world, so I’ve most certainly thrown myself into a new sector of business, applying the right skills and attitude to succeed. I’m already enjoying the learning aspect of the role, building my knowledge in the mechanical and engineering trade, currently focussing on Engineering within the Food and Drink Team.
My first month in the team has already allowed me to build strong relationships with colleagues, clients and candidates and I have successfully supported a number of Engineers in securing interviews and potential new opportunities.

Why work with E3R?
From the very first interview at E3R, it was clear that everybody within the business truly enjoys and thrives in finding the perfect role for candidates and being able to support an individual in improving their careers and lifestyles. As a business our primary focus and specialism lies within manufacturing and engineering, there’s so much knowledge and experience within the office to place candidates into the right roles for them in quick succession. As a new starter this has allowed me to learn and develop my knowledge within the sector very quickly.

What three guests would you invite to your dinner party and why?
Peter Kay – Funniest man on the planet. He can make anyone laugh from any generation effortlessly, and if you’re not laughing then you’re not invited.
Liam Gallagher – I’m passionate about music but Liam tops the list. His attitude, appearance, personality and still on-going music career is godlike. I once met Liam at a signing event in HMV Manchester when I was 17. When shaking his hand, I froze, didn’t know what to say and ended up coming out with “You smell nice”. Word of advice, if you ever happen to bump into Liam Gallagher, don’t tell him he smells nice.
Valentino Rossi – I’ve always been a fan of motorsport due to my Dad racing back in his day. Anyone who’s ridden a motorbike knows who Valentino is, a great personality, questionably the greatest rider of all time and still racing at 41. I’d like to ask him about all the classic races he was involved in over the last 20 years and as he’s Italian I’m sure he’d make a cracking pasta.

What would you do if you didn’t work in recruitment?
I’d like to think I would have been playing Premier League football on £200,000 a week, but my bad knees stopped this reality. So if not recruitment, probably a sales role within the IT sector.

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