Responsible Recruitment: E3R Earns Business Partner Accreditation for Ethical Recruitment Practices

Responsible Recruitment: E3R Earns Business Partner Accreditation for Ethical Recruitment Practices

Our dedicated consultants and compliance experts have tirelessly upheld consistent and principled practices within our services. Our commitment extends beyond fulfilling the needs of candidates and clients; it encompasses safeguarding the rights of our temporary and permanent workforce through ethical treatment.

We are dedicated to responsible and moral practice, which is evidenced through strategic partnerships with various initiatives. We’ve collaborated with the Association of Labour Providers and joined forces with Stronger Together, seeking avenues to operate ethically.

Today, we proudly unveil our latest accomplishment – the Responsible Recruitment Toolkit (RRT) Business Partner Accreditation.


What is the Responsible Recruitment Toolkit?

The RRT stands as a globally recognised, not-for-profit program with a central mission to promote ethical and professional recruitment and labour supply practices. These practices benefit workers, recruiters, and clients alike. The rigorous benchmarks established by the RRT align comprehensively with relevant international human and labour rights legislation, reaffirming our dedication to the highest recruitment standards.


What is the Business Partner Accreditation?

The Business Partner Accreditation is a distinguished recognition for companies that epitomise a dedication to responsible recruitment practices. This status mirrors our unwavering commitment to ethical recruitment, ensuring fairness, transparency, and adherence to best practices.

“This accreditation distinguishes E3R as a trusted and dependable partner in the recruitment industry. It is paramount to us as a business that we persistently strive to uphold the highest standards within the industries we serve. We take immense pride in receiving this accreditation and having our exceptional teams acknowledged for their outstanding services to both clients and candidates. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our compliance team for their diligence through the 14-stage assessment process.” – Tracie Norton, Director.

This accolade underscores our commitment to best practices, extending beyond recruitment to encompass a worker’s entire journey – from employment to post-termination.

Why is responsible recruitment important?

Responsible recruitment carries significance for several reasons. It ensures equal opportunities for all candidates, mitigating discrimination and bias. It fosters diversity and inclusion and safeguards worker rights and well-being. Overall, responsible recruitment is pivotal for fostering a positive and sustainable work environment.


What this signifies for our Clients:

Our achievement of the Responsible Recruitment Toolkit Business Partner Accreditation holds substantial implications for our clients. This attests to our unwavering commitment to integrity and ethical standards. As a client, you can entrust our partnership to prioritise workforce rights and well-being, surpassing mere recruitment needs.

By upholding the exacting standards of the RTT, we assure you that the candidates we present uphold their rights and dignity. Our commitment extends throughout their journey with your organisation – from engagement to service. This accreditation reinforces our pledge to provide a workforce aligned with your business requisites and ethical principles.


What this signifies for our Candidates:

Additionally, our acknowledgement as a Responsible Recruitment Toolkit Business Partner also carries profound significance for candidates. This accomplishment highlights our unwavering dedication to treating candidates with respect, equity, and honesty.

For candidates looking for jobs in manufacturing or engineering through E3 Recruitment, this accreditation guarantees their rights, well-being, and dignity as central to our practices. It signifies our commitment to delivering ethically sourced roles that honour their aspirations. Candidates can rely on their journey with us, backed by ethical values and responsible recruitment.

The RRT accreditation assures candidates a journey guided by integrity, placing their rights and contributions at the forefront. We extend this commitment to all candidates partnering with us on their career paths.

At E3R, our quest for excellence in recruitment is not a mere process; it’s a tangible embodiment of our values, ethics, and unyielding dedication to fostering an environment where responsibility and ethics thrive.

8th August 2023

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