Our Offering

E3 provide a wide range of temporary, permanent and interim contract recruitment solutions across multiple industries, specialising in engineering and technical recruitment. Working alongside our clients, we create bespoke solutions to meet their business objectives. We can supply a range of recruitment services, from ad hoc, as part of a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) or via one of our specially tailored managed services.

E3 offer candidates opportunities to work with some of the most reputable companies in the world. We engage with our candidates to ensure our knowledge of their skills, capabilities and personality match the opportunities within our client organisations.

Our recruitment consultants are skilled and dedicated with an in-depth understanding of the industries we work within. A significant proportion of our recruitment teams have experience working as engineers, providing E3 with invaluable access to technical expertise.

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The engagement of temporary workers creates a flexible workforce that can be easily scaled to meet resource peaks. E3 prides itself on being able to meet client demands with tailored temporary recruitment solutions.

Whether requirements centre around specialist, niche skills or high volume recruitment, E3 is able to supply skills to where they are needed most.

With the rapidly growing number of employers utilising the temporary employee market to meet their staffing requirements, E3 have built a team of proven temporary recruitment specialists to work within this defined arena, and with today’s constantly changing legislation, it is now business-critical to engage right provider of temporary staffing services that understands its obligations to its flexible workforce.

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E3 have built an enviable reputation across the engineering, manufacturing and technical industries, recruiting many business-critical roles on a permanent basis.

We provide a full complement of permanent recruitment solutions from our vastly experienced permanent recruitment team.

E3 are committed to providing and exceeding our clients expectations. We aim to set up an initial conference call or meeting to assess the critical business issues, the essential requirements of the position, and the behavioural characteristics the candidates will require to succeed within the business.

This thorough consultation will allow us to agree the most suitable permanent recruitment solution; whether that be a on a retained search basis whereby we target only suitable candidates, from both a professional and cultural perspective, rather than the active candidates that are on a database or have had their CVs sent to many organisations.

If you do not require the full service levels of a retained search then we offer an alternative contingent search, whereby E3 would work on a structured assignment. On the surface our contingent search process resembles others in our sector. However, new clients usually discover the experience of working with E3 to be positively different.

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E3 recognise that having a flexible workforce with the right skills, that are available when you need them, and can hit the ground running, is where professional interim contractors add value. Whether you require contractors for a specific project, require particular expertise for an assignment or are looking to meet a looming deadline, then interim contract workers offer the perfect complement to your permanent employees.

E3’s contract division offers employers flexibility from the labour market allowing immediate control of how they manage staffing peaks across their business. Operating to full compliance levels we will ensure that each contractor presented to the client is working within scope to IR35 regulations.

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E3 employ a compliance manager that is focused on our company compliance in all areas of our business, focusing on:

  • Right to work in UK/EEA Regulations (Legal requirements and appropriate paperwork in place and validated
  • Working Time Directive
  • AWR (Agency Works Regulations)
  • TUPE
  • IR35
  • References
  • Verification of Certification

Appropriate recording of documentation on CRM systems also offer indirect recruitment tools to back up.

Furthermore, we offer additional non-recruitment tools to back up and help us and our clients assist with that decision to employ or not to employ, utilising online numeric and literacy testing, along with psychometric testing assessments.