Meet Thomas Chant, Recruitment Consultant in the Automotive and Fleet Team

Meet Thomas Chant, Recruitment Consultant in the Automotive and Fleet Team

E3 Recruitment is excited to have welcomed Thomas Chant who has joined the Automotive and Fleet Team, which has a proven track record of sourcing and placing talented individuals into a wide range of senior engineering roles and fleet management jobs within the industry. Tom has had a fascination with the automotive industry since being a child, which led him to study for and complete an automotive degree, so recruiting for the industry he is passionate about was the perfect career fit.

Below we find out more about his new role, why he wants to work within recruitment and more about him:

As a Recruitment Consultant, what’s your role and responsibilities?

My responsibilities include a variety of things such as building relationships with both clients and candidates, preparing CVs for clients and effectively liaising between the candidate and client in regards to the process of an application. Another main responsibility I think is developing a good understanding of client companies, their industry, work culture and environment, then using this information to headhunt and approach suitable candidates to fill the client’s vacancy, while building relationships between both clients and candidates.

What did you do beforehand and where?

Before E3R I was in sales for a few years, working as a Sales Executive for the industrial sales side of oil at Millers Oils. Before that, I was a Sales Executive for Virgin Media.

What attracted you to a career in recruitment?

The fact that this type of role can be very rewarding, being able to help find people a role in which they can excel and progress, and also vice versa, being able to speak and listen to a company’s needs and finding them the perfect candidate helps the company move forward as well.

What do you like most about E3R?

E3R has such a supportive team of staff, whether you work in different sectors or not, everyone is available on hand to help with even the slightest issue you may have. Having the ability to learn from different people in different roles really gives a good perspective on how well the team support each other. E3R has a strong presence in the industry, and along with support and mentoring from my manager, I’ve been able to bring on four clients of my own.

How have your first three months been?

My first three months have been really busy but in a manageable way, I’ve not been given anything more than what I have felt comfortable with, I have learnt lots from various bits of training and just talking to the staff and really starting to get stuck in. I am really enjoying how things are going!

What are you most looking forward to?

Continuing to bring on my own clients and build working relationships with them, as well as with candidates to ensure I am the first point of contact when a client needs a candidate and also when a candidate needs a job.
I’m excited about how things are going to progress for me here!

What is your main goal at E3R?

To eventually build up a decent client base and have a good rapport with both clients and candidates to ensure smooth communication between the two.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Mostly I enjoy spending time with friends and family when I can. I’m currently renovating parts of my house so a lot of DIY at the moment. I also enjoy a lot of sports including Motorsports like F1, as well as Boxing and of course Football – I’m a Bristol City Fan.

Can you tell me a fun fact about yourself?

Sounds really boring but I can’t think of one. Not a fun fact per se, but I have serious Arachnophobia, I can’t stand spiders in the slightest.

What would you say to anyone looking to start their career in recruitment?

Do it! Having never worked in recruitment before it was a step into the unknown for me but I can honestly say I’m very much enjoying it, the idea of every day you can be discussing something new with someone new makes every day exciting!

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18th November 2021

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