E3Round UP – Bridging the skills gap

E3Round UP – Bridging the skills gap

The current skills shortage in the UK is not only preventing businesses from finding the right people with the right skills, it is also leading to significant wage pressures as employers are forced to pay an ever higher premium for the best people. These two issues have the ability to severely limit the true potential of the British economy and damage our global competitiveness.

• Economic growth: Engineering enterprises produce turnover of £1.17 trillion in the UK, that’s a quarter of the turnover of all UK Enterprises
• Skilled trade workers, engineers and technicians are the most in-demand jobs globally
• Demand for skills: 48.3% of engineering enterprises said hard-to-fill vacancies meant delays in new products and services
• 53% of businesses expect difficulty in recruiting STEM-skilled staff in the next three years
• More women working in STEM could contribute an extra £2 billion to the economy
• Only 57% of STEM teachers felt that a career in engineering was desirable for students
• We need to support teachers and career advisors in understanding the range of modern engineering roles, career paths and vocational jobs available in today’s economy

Having worked extensively within the manufacturing and engineering process industries, E3R have seen first-hand the challenges that face businesses across Yorkshire and the UK with diminishing pools of suitably qualified and experienced prospective employees. As businesses we all need to take responsibility in working much closer with schools and communities to find a solution that assists not just with a new intake of skills, but also retention of skills that are in the marketplace.

The lack of STEM candidates – science, technology, engineering and maths – is well-known as businesses struggle to find skilled engineers at all levels from preidentified apprentices through to other high-skilled professionals; this is affecting all sectors of the engineering and manufacturing industries.

Over the last year E3R has become an official partner of The Entice Project, an apprenticeship provider which matches local students with local businesses. Working closely with The Entice Project, E3 Recruitments aim is to identify apprenticeship hopefuls seeking a career in manufacturing and engineering

As a result of the partnership, E3 Recruitment has been working with local high schools hosting events to raise awareness of engineering and manufacturing as a whole and promote the great careers young engineers of the future can achieve in the engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Last September E3R was involved in a Careers Convention at King James High School where the recruitment agency invited key clients to attend and talk to the students. These included Reliance Precision, Marshalls, VTL, BP, and Extract Technology and Buy it Direct. E3R also attended the evening to discuss career options with the students.

The Careers Convention was a success and this was followed by three Business Breakfast events at the beginning of this year at King James High School, Colne Valley High School and Brighouse Sixth Form. E3R have attended all Breakfast Briefings which included a briefing from The Entice Project, a talk from a local MP and one to one sessions with local businesses.

The Entice Project
In partnership with E3 Recruitment, The Entice Project is a specialist apprentice recruitment company. We source and select candidates through our direct work in schools across Kirklees and Calderdale creating awareness for apprenticeships through a variety of initiatives which focus on bringing the business and education communities together.

We work with a range of employers to assist with their apprentice recruitment. We recruit for Syngenta, running two full day taster sessions where we put quality candidates through their paces, building up exposure of the student to the workplace and the employer to the student. Syngenta recently won employer of the year at the Kirklees Apprenticeship Hub Awards 2016 and acknowledged Entice as being instrumental in their scheme.

27th May 2016

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