E3R reaches Meru in its Around the World Challenge

E3R reaches Meru in its Around the World Challenge

E3R has reached Meru in Kenya in its Around the World Challenge, after setting off from Quito in Ecuador five months ago at the beginning of lockdown and has covered 6850km, passing through nine countries: Ecuador, Columbia, Brazil, Sao Tome, Gabon, Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda and Kenya.

Since lockdown began on the 23rd March the E3R team has been running, walking, riding and exercising; so we decided to put all this activity and distance gained to good use and see if we can get around the world by the end of the summer with all our kilometres (km) combined.

At the end of July just over five months since lockdown started, we had covered an impressive 6850km. Our route is around the equator which is 40,075km, of which only 21% is land, so to reach our target we need to cover 8536km.

We are well on our way to completing the challenge having covered 80% of the land distance around the equator and passed through nine countries – that leaves 20% of the journey to go with 1686km to complete and four countries to ‘travel through’ including Somalia, Maldives, Indonesia and Kiribati, all by the end of August – get moving team!

5th August 2020

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