Artificial Intelligence Recruiters of the future?

Artificial Intelligence Recruiters of the future?

Two ex-Google engineers hope to turn the recruitment process on its head through artificial intelligence and search software in order to build up over 300 million online profiles in order to find the perfect candidate.

Connectifier, the startup behind the software, has already been amassing a client base of tens of thousands of recruiters across all sectors, from healthcare to high tech. Recently it publicly launched its product and announced six million dollars in funding.

The startup has already seen massive growth over the last year, after raising revenues 487 per cent between Q1 2014 and Q1 2015.

The approach of the firm towards recruitment is to use big data analytics and machine learning to look across the data on the internet to create accurate profiles of people, which can also be found proactively even if a person isn’t looking for a new job.

Whilst current sites allow CV’s to be searched, no one service has yet to figure out how to use the content across the internet in order to collate information to help find people who might be good fits for specific roles.

While services like Careerify, recently acquired by Linkedin, looks at some social media data and other sources to help build profiles of users, they don’t find people who may not be searching for a new job to be discovered.

This problem was seen firsthand by co-founder and CEO of Connectifier, John Jersin, at Google.

He told TechCrunch: “I was leading ten engineering teams, and any time it was short staffed it was not terribly surprising, it was impossible to find the engineers we needed in the Valley,” whose need for engineers seems to mimic the water situation in California, where demand far exceeds supply.

“It drove home the strategic importance of recruiting. So I dug in and tried to figure out what we could do better.”

It turned out that there hadn’t been much innovation in the space for years, “So we wanted to set out and fix this,” he said, bringing in colleague Ben McCann, a real-time analytics specialist, to build the platform with him as co-founder.

The service believes it fills three areas that are black holes in the current recruitment landscape; The first solving out-of-date information, the second sorting and combining data to create a complete profile of users, and the third where you can feed the type of expertise, or skills, and will find candidates that match the profile if the information you’ve fed in.

9th July 2015

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